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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Palliative Care the same as Hospice?

No. When receiving Palliative Care services, a patient can receive aggressive medical treatment. The Palliative Care team follows with your current Medical Provider (Specialty Doctor) to provide an additional layer of help. When receiving Hospice services, no aggressive procedure or care is allowed, and a patient is not allowed to see a Specialty Doctor.

How do I qualify for Palliative Care Services?

If you suffer from a life limiting illness, and need additional support and services in the home, give us a call. If you choose not to participate in Hospice services or do not qualify for the services, Palliative Care is for you.

What type of services are provided in the home?

Palliative care services provided are based on the results of an evaluation and individual need. Home visits are typically done once a month by a nurse or social worker that also often connect with patients by phone.

Is Respite a provided service?

No. Respite is not provided directly by the Palliative Care team. However, the Social Worker may work with facilities that provide respite and help the families make contact with them.

Do I have to attend more appointments to be on Palliative Care?

No. The Palliative Care team visits with you in your home or contacts you by phone depending on your needs.